Wakatobi, The Best Scuba Diving Place in The World

WakatobiAmazing! That’s the proper word to describe the Wakatobi. The natural beauties of  Wakatobi certainly make anyone who came there amazed. White sand and crystal clear sea water extends along the coast is one of the beauties of Wakatobi.

Wakatobi is a group of islands in Southeast Sulawesi province, Indonesia. We have to transit in Ambon or Makassar to visit there, because not many airlines that provide service flights to Wakatobi.  It is also available from the ferry crossing paths Ambon to Wakatobi.



Wakatobi is not only famous for its incredible beaches.  Wakatobi is better known as an underwater paradise. Even the Wakatobi National Park is one of the best scuba diving in the world. It is actually not nonsense, so many tourists who come to vacation and enjoy the Wakatobi to dive there. The ocean in eastern Indonesia is famous diversity of marine life and coral reefs are still very natural. As with Spot diving in Raja Ampat is very famous, Wakatobi also have things that are not less interesting. Clarity of the seawater and natural beauty of Wakatobi also be supporting a very important factor. This is the main reason why Wakatobi  known as one of the Best scuba diving place.

Best scuba divingAn international event ever held here in 2011. The event called Sail Wakatobi-Belitong. Mass wedding under the sea event and the International Photo contest with the theme of The Beauty of under Water World Coral Reef Triangle enliven the event. It is recognition of the Wakatobi charm.

The increasing of tourist arrivals to Wakatobi making the economy increasingly stretched there. More and more resorts in the Wakatobi are ready to accommodate the tourists with a variety of attractive facilities. The management also offers a variety of packages and a variety of holiday activities at competitive rates. Travelers are free to choose facilities and activities suitable and preferred. But for backpackers do not have to worry, at Wakatobi is also available facilities for camping or maybe you could rent a room in the house residents. Average locals provide facilities which are much cheaper than a hotel or resort.

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